manroland has ventured into packaging Printing with the all-new VARIOMAN.

With packaging producers under intensifying pressure to cut costs, reduce turn-around times and achieve higher print quality, web offset is gaining momentum as a better alternative than flexo-gravure or sheetfed offset. In many applications, web offset can do it faster, easier and at lower costs. Web offset lithography is an inherently stable process ideally suited for the challenges of high-quality packaging applications, including precise color tones, intricate reverses and screens in excess of 200 lines per inch. Web presses also run fast and deliver that quality consistently — across the web, throughout the run and from job to job.

manroland web systems’ VARIOMAN f: line is ideal for printing flexible films for Shrink-Sleeve applications as well as for a further array of substrates, like films, paper and aluminium foils. The VARIOMAN f: line hereby fits perfectly in the production gap of medium-sized print runs with excellent offset printing technology and the cost benefits inherent in this technology.



THALLO is highly suitable for printing on film substrates, metal foils and multi-layer laminates and therefore to produce in-mould labels, wrap around labels, shrink sleeves and flexible packaging for food and non-food.

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manroland Goss web systems has based the VARIOMAN f:line on its decades of experience in offset printing and has connected this with the most modern automation.

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The VARIOMAN c:line prints cardboard and paper with a thickness of 100 to 700 µ. It guarantees high print quality at low production costs.

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The VARIOMAN b:line is an ideal book printing solution for small to medium batch sizes. This VARIOMAN press focuses on high print quality at low production costs.

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